About MSID

We’re backing the Moravian-Silesian Region

We’re MSID
the region’s development agency.

Our vision is of a stable and prosperous region, an excellent place to live and do business, resilient in the face of economic and environmental changes.

So, what does that mean, in brief? We look for sites with strong potential for growth, and we get them ready for use. We present the region to Czech and international developers as an excellent investment destination full of opportunities. We raise awareness of brownfields and the need for a sustainable approach. We help implement projects that boost the region’s image and overall development.

We showcase our diverse and varied region to the world


We represent and promote the Moravian-Silesian Region within the Czech Republic and abroad. We educate and inform institutions and the general public about brownfields and the exciting opportunities that these vacant sites offer.

Brownfield's MSK

We organize conferences, workshops and training to offer examples of good practice and share our experiences of developing specific locations. We raise awareness of the impacts that climate change has on the region.

Our climate mission

We combine all the processes that are essential for development



We seek out new investment opportunities. We prepare all relevant aspects of each specific site — including the documentation that is essential for investment projects. We put investors and developers in touch with representatives of the region.


We’re not just involved in the preparations — we also help implement projects, supervising and coordinating a full range of project activities throughout the project timeline.

Environmental support

We’re working towards a greener future for our region

We’re helping to make the region, its cities and municipalities more resilient to climate change. We raise awareness of the need to improve our environment, and we promote a greener approach to new developments. We actively address climate change impacts through various projects.

Our ten-point list

We don’t just leave climate responsibility to municipalities and the regional government. We play an active role in addressing the impacts of climate change by promoting a sustainable, comprehensive approach to this challenge, cutting across all aspects of development. Our activities are always guided by a ten-point list that ensures we maintain a responsible, sustainable approach to the environment.


View our ten-point list here.