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Awards for Best sorter of the region

Awards for Best sorter of the region

"The ceramic dustbin" in sorting paper, plastic, glass and beverage carton in the Region competition results were announced On November 8, 2016

The winner of the category cities with over 15,000 inhabitants is Trinec, the second is Bohumín and third Opava. Villages Nová Plan, Roudno and Tvrdkov were successful among the smaller municipalities up to 2,500 inhabitants. The winner of the third category, the village from 2.5 up to 15,000 inhabitants is Vrbno pod Pradědem, second place achieved Jablunkov and third place belong Hradec nad Moravicí. Jumper of the year in the amount of sorted waste is the city Jablunkov, which has experienced the greatest improvement over the previous year's competition.

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