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Ostrava scientists have developed a more durable concrete

Ostrava scientists have developed a more durable concrete

Among the almost universal building materials have long been ranked concrete. Even such traditional mass can be innovated. One of the innovations tested by scientists at VSB - TU Ostrava, are fibre-cement composites that make concrete more durable and flexible at the same time.

While everything is still at the stage of examining, Faculty of Civil Engineering have already achieved interesting results. "Concrete does not disintegrate with the first crack, conversely, it further solidifies," says Ing. Marek Jasek Ph.D. from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. Moreover, it is flexible and thin layers can be bent. They were inspired in Japan, but modified it a bit.

"We are satisfied with the result, but the price has gone up three times. Strength comes three to four times higher than for normal concrete, "said Jasek. Development of special concrete laboratories VSB lasted roughly five years.

Source: VŠB-TU Ostravaand Český rozhlas Ostrava

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