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POHO Park is one of the region's strategic projects

POHO Park is one of the region's strategic projects

The Moravian-Silesian Region has selected 13 strategic projects that will be recommended for funding from the Just Transition Fund. On behalf of the Moravian-Silesian Investment and Development (MSID) which manage the POHO2030 program, the POHO park project passed the first part of the approval process.

We are glad that we have managed the first step and now we can proceed to the next stage. The main goal is to present our intention with the Gabriela mine "POHO park", which is formed in accordance with the historical and natural context. We are preparing several activities in which we want to involve experts and let the public comment on the proposal, because without active involvement the post-mining landscape has no future. More information regarding these activities will be posted soon.


The aim of the project is to revitalize the area of ​​the former Gabriela mine into a new center of the Post-Mining Landscape, the so-called campus. It will offer the necessary facilities for visitors not only to the campus itself (the general and professional public), but also for visitors to the nearby church of St. Peter of Alcantara. At the same time, it will attract the interest of new investors. All construction on the new campus will be of an energy-active standard, with a negative carbon footprint (in terms of both construction and operating). Once completed, they should serve as model projects and increase interest and awareness of sustainability as well as entrepreneurship.

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