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Unemployment is still falling, companies are looking for hundreds of employees

Unemployment is still falling, companies are looking for hundreds of employees

In the course of just one month, six hundred people have fallen in the records of the Labor Office in Nový Jičín. Unemployment rate in April was 3.69%.

The month-on-month decline in the unemployed was recorded in all six districts of the Moravian-Silesian Region, the biggest decline was in the districts of Nový Jičín and Bruntál. Only district Nový Jičín together with Frýdek-Místek, shows numbers below the national average (4.44%). Only a few miles away is the situation quite different. Karviná is currently dominating the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic where almost 10% of people is unemployed.

The number of vacancies has not changed rapidly in recent months and remains constant at around 1,900 offers. One offered position thus falls to two applicants and it remains true that the most demanded occupations are the workers' professions. For example, Tatra Trucks in Kopřivnice would like to welcome up to a hundred new employees. "We are looking for machining, adjusting, CNC machines, milling machines, assembly workers, etc.," said Kateřina Nogolová, personnel manager. A similar situation is in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm in Siemens, where the company is expanding its production facilities. "It's not just that we're introducing the Simotics SD 1LE5 smart engine to the market, but we are launching a new assembly line for the 1LE5 and 1PH8 engines. We currently have up to 100 new engineers to manufacture these engines. Altogether, we are looking for up to 200 employees in our factory, who will also be engaged in R & D or sales and production support in addition to manual professions, " said the director of the Siemens Elektromotory Frenštát plant, General Valný. In addition to the workers' professions, among the employers in Novojičínsko is also interested chefs, cleaners, security guards, waiters-waitresses, servicing of forklift trucks, warehouses or truck drivers.

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