Delta Program offers support to cooperation with Germany

27. February 2017

DELTA program is aimed at promoting cooperation in research and experimental development through joint projects of companies and research organization with significant foreign technology and innovation agencies. Announcement of the fourth tender for the DELTA program will be held on 28 February 2017 and will focus on cooperation with Germany. Thematically can apply for support for projects in the Industry 4.0, in particular, projects should be focused primarily on the following topics:


  • Software engineering,
  • Digitalization and software intesive embdded systems,
  • IT applications in production,
  • Virtual Technologies,
  • Process and system simulation and control,
  • Knowledge management,
  • Usability,
  • Software reliability, quality and safety,
  • Data engineering and data-driven systems,
  • Parallelization and distibuted systems,
  • Cooperative robotics,
  • System integration.