Get ODIS travel card for free in the Moravian-Silesian Region for a year!

11. May 2018

As part of the Employer Mobility project, the Moravian-Silesian Region provides ODIS cards. The aim is to stop the depopulation of the Havířov – Karviná – Orlová agglomeration, to attract new working population into these cities, to keep young people in this area and to increase the interest among citizens in permanent housing in these cities.

What is the ODIS card provided under the Employee Mobility project?

The ODIS card is a personal contactless chip card with a 365-day coupon that entitles the holder to travel by public passenger transport within the integrated transport system of the Moravian-Silesian Region ODIS (

Who can get the ODIS card for free for one year?

  • A citizen of the Czech Republic who has been employed at least 50% and in the period from 10 August 2017 to the date of filing the application has moved to Havířov, Karviná or Orlová (including city and local parts), with the previous their permanent residence was outside these cities
  • A graduate of a full-time study program at secondary schools, universities or universities (termination of studies was less than one year on the date of filing the application), who has permanent residence in the territory of Havířov, Karviná or Orlová (including city and local parts) at the time of filing the application employed at least 50% in the employment relationship.
  • Physicians, dentists, pharmacists or healthcare professionals or other professionals according to Act No. 96/2004 Coll. of non-medical health care professions who are employed in a health facility in the town of Havířov, Karviná or Orlová (including city and local parts) and concluded a contract of employment after 28 February 2018.

How and where can I get the ODIS card?

The detailed conditions, requirements and ODIS application form can be found on