LIFE COALA will help the Moravian-Silesian Region adjust for climate change

27. June 2022

In the Moravian-Silesian Region, the realization of a ten-year IP LIFE for Coal Mining Landscape Adaptation project (LIFE COALA), is starting with the clear goal – to increase the climate resilience of the entire region. This is now the second community project from the LIFE series to succeed in the Czech Republic. The main researcher of the project is the Moravian-Silesian Region together with 12 other partners, including the regional company MSID (Moravian-Silesian Investment and Development).

Climate change is one of today’s biggest challenges and affects each one of us. Its negative effects are a current topic not only at the global and national level, but especially at the regional and local level. Unfortunately, businesses, municipalities and other entities often do not know how to deal with climate change and lack the information, resources, or capacity to implement appropriate and effective measures.

That is why the LIFE COALA project was created. This project will provide cities, municipalities as well as private entities in the region with both professional and financial support, thanks to which the Moravian-Silesian Region together with all project participants will be able to face climate change and meet the objectives of the Adaptation Strategy of the Moravian-Silesian Region. Apart from the regional agencies MSID, MEC (Moravian-Silesian Energy Center), MSIC (Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre), the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, the cities of Karviná, Havířov and Orlová, the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation and the state enterprise DIAMO also cooperate on the LIFE COALA project. The international overlap of the project is provided by the Silesian Voivodeship and the Główny Instytut Górnictwa from Katowice, Poland.

The funds raised from the EU will be used, for example, to fund project proposals that will help work more thoughtfully with the territory, reduce the temperature in cities in the summer months or make efficient use of rainwater. At the same time, they will also contribute to strengthening the ranks of qualified experts and to the implementation of pilot actions.

Pavla Sokolovská, project coordinator for MSID, comments on the news:

“We are working on creating the Climate Alliance, which brings together recognized experts as well as representatives of local governments and private companies so that the whole process of increasing climate resilience is conducted not only in accordance with modern knowledge, but also in direct relation to real and current issues in the area. At the same time, project partners will lead by example and design and implement suitable climate change adaptation or mitigation measures such as using green roofs, shading or energy-saving solutions at selected buildings or present proposals for optimal use for areas impacted by coal mining,” said Sokolovská.

The project also includes educational workshops, conferences and professional seminars which will help people to learn more about the response to climate change. The emerging database of examples of already implemented specific climate change adaptation or mitigation measures will also serve as a “guide” for the implementation of these measures and will be available to all who want to be inspired and obtain the necessary information.

This year, a survey of the attitude of citizens and organizations to climate change is being prepared, as well as the first studies focusing on greenery in the countryside and cities. A test launch of an information system on climate change adaptation will be available not only to the municipalities themselves, but also to all those interested in this issue.