Regional development in brief

We’re helping to make the Moravian-Silesian Region a place where you want to live and do business.

an ideal region

As the Moravian-Silesian Region’s development agency, we’re helping to shape our region’s identity. We combine all our varied activities in a systematic and coherent way, helping to build a region that’s resilient in both its economy and its environment.

What we do 


We showcase our diverse and varied region to the world


We combine all the processes that are essential for development

Environmental support

We’re working towards a greener future for our region

The Moravian-Silesian Region in brief

The Moravian-Silesian Region is a vibrant, dynamically developing region in the heart of Europe, offering great potential for living and doing business. The city of Ostrava is the region’s administrative and economic hub.


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Our projects

We support all aspects of development, helping to create an ideal investment environment and ensuring that the region is increasingly resilient in the face of climate change.


Our latest projects and news