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We support projects that boost development throughout the region

Our aim is to help create a business environment that makes the Moravian-Silesian Region an ideal place to invest

We support and coordinate the use of vacant sites, always with a focus on their future resilience to climate change impacts. Our services are designed to complement each other as part of a complete and logically integrated package.

Services for business


Besides offering suitable locations for investments, we also handle the complete chain of communication between the region, the public, and investors. We promote the region where it matters most.


We organize conferences for mayors of cities and municipalities in the Moravian-Silesian Region, sharing examples of good practice that will help the region develop going forward. We give attractive presentations of the region at major international investment and real estate events, showcasing its strong potential for growth, prosperity and an excellent quality of life. We also provide cities and municipalities with promotional materials, as well as organizing a range of events that boost the region’s image.


We raise awareness of how important brownfields are, and we play an active role in helping to revitalize these sites.


We analyze the options for development at individual brownfields, and we prepare all the necessary documentation for projects to revitalize and regenerate these sites — opportunity studies, land use studies and more. We provide consultancy on available subsidy funding and offer a full range of project management services. We hold workshops to involve students in the planning process for brownfield regeneration projects, working together to find the best possible use for each site.


We help manage investments throughout the planning and implementation stages, providing all the support you need — from essential documentation and consultancy on available subsidy funding to management support in the final phase of a new investment project.


We analyze options for development, including opportunity, feasibility and land use studies. We seek out appropriate sources of subsidy funding for your entire project, and we ensure that the funding is used correctly and efficiently. We hold conferences and seminars for businesses and municipalities, and we also handle the complete chain of communication between businesses, the public, and other stakeholders.

Environmental support

We’re committed to reducing the impacts of the climate crisis, and we support green public procurement projects and sustainable investment. Our aim is to boost climate resilience and future sustainability across the region.


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